lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


A life without love is not really a life at all
It's always hard to stand, when you're too afraid to fall
My back's against the wall, my world is getting small
Then what do you know; it is you that I call, so were...
Back in the same position
Back with the same decision
And back again, but this time, nobody listens
It's happens so often, that it's bound to just get old 
It's easy to fall in love, but difficult to let go
And we both know, that'll never ever be an option
Too deep in love to dig ourselves out from the bottom
But with out I can't manage, so you always take advantage 
Why do people always take the best things in life for granted?
The games that we are playing are the same ones we are losing
And there's other guy's and girl, but each other we keep choosing
What the hell are we doing? We're leaving us smothered
And push each other to the gutter, so we never love another
But I know you ain't good for me,I ain't good for you either
But no matter what we say, I know you need me like I need ya'
But what the hell do you do when you're too blinded to care
That the person of your dreams turns to your nightmare
You keep acting so naïve, saying I'm not who you need 
Then you drop down to your knees, and plead for me not to leave
You tell me that you love me, then you tell me that you hate me
Then you calling me your problem, then you calling me your baby
And lately it feels like, my whole world is going crazy
I love that you can change me, but I hate what you have made me
I Sacrificed all of my pride, just to have you by my side
But the truth always hurts, when you're living a lie
But I, don't even care, my heart won't ever listen
Love is just a word, but you bring it definition
I don't wanna see you go, I don't wanna have you stay
I don't wanna live tomorrow, if I can't have you today

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